Lobe Wonder, also known as EarLift, is helping thousands of women with the problem of torn and damaged ear lobes.


Lobe Wonder provides relief to women who suffer from the unsightly enlargement of earring holes, a problem caused by heavy earrings.  Just as important, Lobe Wonder helps protect healthy ear lobes against tearing from the weight of earrings.


Lobe Wonder is an undetectable, hypoallergenic clear patch that is applied to the back of the ear lobe.  When pierced by an earring, the patch bears a major part of the earring weight, relieving the ear lobe of the pressure.



Light and flexible Lobe Wonder allows women with torn piercings to wear earrings at the top of the holes, by supporting the weight from behind the lobe.  Since earrings no longer rest on the bottom of the holes, further tearing is inhibited.



Lobe Wonder helps protect healthy ear lobes from tearing and allows women to wear earrings in comfort for longer periods of time.



There is nothing on the market as effective and simple to use as Lobe Wonder.  The design allows for a snug and secure fit around the post, while taking only seconds to apply.  Although Lobe Wonder patches are flexible and light, they are strong enough to support heavy earrings.  The patches may be worn with all types of earrings – studs, hoops, dangles, etc.



Lobe Wonder is a safe and effective alternative to expensive plastic surgery.  The adhesive used on Lobe Wonder is hypoallergenic.  Removing Lobe Wonder at night and cleaning the ear lobe prevents adhesive residue on skin.



Lobe Wonder/EarLift is the original ear lobe support patch.  Lobe Wonder and EarLift are registered trademarks of the Bradvica Company.  Patches and packaging are made in the USA.


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